E-Bikes for Business

Want to enhance your delivery business? Buy an e-bike for your local community centre? Have one for your retirement home for residents to enjoy? An e-bike can benefit your business in a number of ways.

Improve your eco-friendly initiatives and company credibility with zero emissions

Better productivity: A study has shown that with an E-cargo bike, you can make seven deliveries an  hour compared to just four in a delivery van

Less traffic, more movement. E-cargo bikes have the ability to travel through busy places with speedy cycle lanes and additional manoeuvrability

No tax or parking costs

Many forward-thinking businesses are looking towards e-bike, e-cargo and e-mobility solutions, and we’re happy to be able to support them.

You might not want to buy a e-bike, but hire one from us here at RideOn instead when you need.

It may be that you only need to deliver one or two days a week at certain times of day, be planning a one-off activity with your community centre members, want to get residents of a care home out in the open in an accessible way, or have another idea of how an e-bike or e-cargo solution can enhance your business. Talk to our team to find out more and discuss how we can help.

‘It costs us about 1p a mile to power an e-bike.  Whereas it might take a van driver upto an hour to drive into the city centre, find somewhere to park , then carry the delivery to wherever they want to go and back again.  

Sheffield Council

4000 E-Cargo bikes were sold in 2020 (Bicycle Association of Great Britain) with a 50/50 split between family and commercial use. 

E-Cargo bikes are upto 60% quicker than vans in city centres.  E-Cargo bikes can deliver 10 parcels per hour compared to just 6 with a van.

‘Pedal Me’ says carbon emissions can be cut by upto 90% with an E-Cargo bike, compared to diesel vans and upto a third compared to electric vans.

Want to Know more?

If you’ve been considering greener travel or delivery solutions for your family or business,
the RideOn team can help. Request a call back below for a no obligation chat about how
e-cargo bikes can contribute to a greener life and business.