Super73 E-Bikes

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Why Super73

A Super73 e-bike is no ordinary e-bike! These Californian beach bikes not only look cool, but they are so much fun to ride! Pair your bike with the Super73 app and you’re all set to experience a truly unique e-biking adventure, whether you’re riding around town, across city or off road! We are proud to partner with such a forward-thinking and inspirational brand here at RideOn E-Bikes in Cornwall.

RideOn Super73 RX Rhino Grey E-bike
RideOn Super73 S2 Galaxy Black E-bike
RideOn Super73 ZX E-bike

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Super73 App

Your Super73 is smarter than you might have imagined—pair it with the Super73 app and you’ll enjoy a customised riding experience, detailing the bike’s performance, as well as offering guidance with turn-by-turn navigation, over-the-air updates, and the new multi-ride mode.


Front only, Rear rigid


4 Modes





Why buy a Super73 e-bike from RideOn?

When you buy an e-bike from us at RideOn E-bikes, you get so much more than just the bike. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our customers, so you can expect friendly service, expert advice, and a free 6-week service on all of our e-bikes. Not only do we service the local community here in Cornwall, with our shops in Penzance and Newquay, but we also deliver our e-bikes throughout the UK. Find out more about RideOn here.