Count House Cafe Trials E-Cargo Bike for Deliveries

In the ever-evolving landscape of sustainable urban transportation, RIDEON E-bikes is spearheading a groundbreaking initiative to revolutionise the way local businesses approach last-mile deliveries.

Recognising the growing need for eco-friendly and efficient delivery solutions, last year we introduced a unique opportunity for local businesses to trial our e-cargo bikes. This initiative not only aligns with the global shift towards sustainable practices but also presented a golden opportunity for businesses to experience firsthand the benefits of incorporating electric cargo bikes into their daily operations.

One business that took us up on our offer was
The Count House Cafe at Geevor who offer deliveries to the local community, but also supply their sister cafe at Botallack, just a mile away.

We’re grateful to Matt, who runs both cafe operations on Cornwall’s tin coast, for trialling the e-cargo bike last summer and for an honest write up of his experience.

The Count House: An E-Cargo Bike Case Study

In 2023 we were offered the chance to use an e-cargo bike by the team at RideOn, free of charge to help them conduct a case study into the use of e-cargo bikes and the practical implications and impacts they can have on businesses looking to use them. We jumped at the chance and can’t give enough credit to Todd, George and the team, with regards to the handover and ongoing support.

What’s it like to ride?

The e-bike, while initially quite cumbersome due to the size and wheel layout, actually became easier to handle and ride the more use it got, with our rider enjoying using the bike to make the journey.

Storage (in the large container on the bike) was never an issue, and the bikes performance far surpassed our expectation’s in regard’s to size and weight of cargo it carried.

On several occasions we managed to send across packs of bottled drinks, cleaning items, food and milk in just one run. The Battery life, despite being tested, was also never an issue, with very little need to charge the battery anywhere near as frequently as we thought. Furthermore, the bike handled some difficult terrain, navigating potholes and bumpy tracks with ease.

Final Verdict

In short, the cargo ebike offers an efficient, spacious, reliable alternative to a car, particularly in regards to cargo transport.

Our only real issue with the bike was the sheer size of it, with storage probably becoming an issue for most users if they don’t have a large garage or lock up to store the bike, but I know this is something that RideOn can provide, if you’re based nearer to the town.

Overall, would we use an e-cargo bike again? Yes. 

Would we recommend one to other businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint and reduce the reliance on cars use? Yes.

The only caveat we would include is that you have plenty of space to store the bike.

Thank you again to the team at RideOn for lending us the bike.

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