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The Shorty is the lightest Urban Arrow available

Don’t let its weight fool you though because it packs a nice punch. It’s fast, agile and can carry a lot more than you think, which is why we call it a compact giant.

The Shorty is your best friend when it comes to biking around your town or city. With its flexible design the Shorty allows you to carry your small child on a visit to the park, short escape out of town or even on the school run. It’s also ideal for shopping trips and its lockable hood means you can keep your groceries and other belongings safe and secure when you’re multi-tasking and on-the-go.

But the Shorty is not just made for personal use. If you operate a business that involves making deliveries, then this compact bike has your back. It can carry a total weight of 225kg (inc rider) and the battery range is upto 50km.

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Your children are the most precious cargo you will ever carry, so there is no compromise on safety with the Urban Arrow Family

The lowered childrens’ seating position makes for an overall lower centre of gravity meaning the bike adheres to the road more positively.

A sturdy and adjustable three-point belt provides safety for your children during the ride and the expanded polypropylene (EPP) provides all-round protection for your little ones. The light frame, electrical pedal assistance and stepless gear shifting, guarantee a very pleasant riding experience, enabling you to confidently navigate your way through traffic.

The Family accessories range is second to none. Urban Arrow have really thought of everything to ensure the most comfortable and flexible ride for anybody carrying children. From an optional extra front bench, box rain cover, poncho (to keep the rider dry) and Maxi-Cosi adapter, you can tune your Family e-cargo bike to really match your family’s needs, making leaving the car behind a valid option!

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The Urban Arrow Cargo and Tender e-cargo bikes really come into their own during those last mile deliveries

The Urban Arrow Cargo models are available in two different sizes and are very versatile and flexible in use, making them the perfect alternative to vans for delivery logistics.

The Cargo is also available in many shapes meaning you can tailor the bike to your specific business needs, but the main differences between the two are the bike length and transportable volume of the payload.

If you have even more of a load to carry, stability is a must and this is where the three-wheeled Urban Arrow Tender is the perfect solution.  Available in different sizes, the Tender has been designed with a whole new front frame enabling the rider to carry the heavy stuff (box sizes between 480-1300 litres available).

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Family? Business? Drive e-cargo your way

E-cargo can provide adventure and convenience. We’ve partnered with Urban Arrow, to bring you top-of-the-range urban mobility e-bikes to our Penzance base. If you’d like to view e-bikes from the Urban Arrow range in our Newquay shop, please let us know in advance.

E-cargo bikes have been spreading through Europe, giving individuals and businesses more eco-friendly options for movement. Whether you want to bike with your young children on sunny days or bring an e-bike to your business operation, there are plenty of reasons to look at our impeccably designed Urban Arrow e-cargo bikes.

‘It costs us about 1p a mile to power an e-bike.  Whereas it might take a van driver upto an hour to drive into the city centre, find somewhere to park , then carry the delivery to wherever they want to go and back again.  

Sheffield Council

4000 E-Cargo bikes were sold in 2020 (Bicycle Association of Great Britain) with a 50/50 split between family and commercial use. 

E-Cargo bikes are upto 60% quicker than vans in city centres.  E-Cargo bikes can deliver 10 parcels per hour compared to just 6 with a van

‘Pedal Me’ says carbon emissions can be cut by upto 90% with an E-Cargo bike, compared to diesel vans and upto a third compared to electric vans.

Amp up the energy in an eco-friendly way

E-cargo bikes such as the Urban Arrow allows your business to deliver more, easily.

Whether it’s take aways or groceries, pick-ups or drop offs, this e-cargo bike is ready for business. Give your drivers a better way to travel, less time stuck in traffic, access to areas cars can’t visit, and an opportunity to exercise while they work, while you simultaneously streamline your business. Harness the energy from Urban Arrow to launch your ideas for the future of your business—talk to us about an e-cargo chat and test drive.

Agile and built for life

An e-cargo bike is easy to handle, even in busy traffic and crowded spaces.

The Urban Arrow e-bikes are designed for durability, longevity, and comfort. Over a decade of design enhancements have led Urban Arrow to create the ultimate in e-cargo bikes. Built with attention to detail to create the highest quality product, using parts from well-known manufacturers such as Bosch, and with Urban Arrow’s leading engineering ideas, these e-cargo bikes push versatility to its limits.

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