We also service and fix them, as well as conventional bikes.

Stay on the road

Get in touch on 01736 888777 to book your bike repair or service with us!

There’s no need to worry about your bike breaking down, because we can fix it! We have a trained and qualified mechanic at RideOn who can look after all your bike needs, whether that’s a puncture, a gear service or a new set of brakes. It doesn’t matter if it’s an e-bike or conventional bike, new or old, we can service it for you! Our maintenance service is available in Penzance and Newquay. Please get in touch with your local RideOn shop to book in.

RIDEON Service

Our RideOn service is a complete safety check to keep you safely on the road.

  • Tyres inspected and inflated  
  • Gears adjusted and aligned
  • Brakes inspected and adjusted
  • Headset inspected and adjusted 
  • Chain lubricated 
  • Bosch E-bike diagnostic and any firmware updates applied 

Bike: £30 plus parts
E-bike: £40 plus parts

GeddOn Service

Our GeddOn service includes everything in the RideOn service, plus extra checks and adjustments :

  • Check and adjustment of wheel, bottom bracket and headset bearings 
  • Wheels trued 
  • Remove and degrease/clean drivetrain 
  • Check, lubricate or replacement cables 
  • Fitting of minor replacement pads (cables, brake pads) 
  • Fitting of new standard service items (chain, cassette, tyres)  

Bike: £60 plus parts
E-bike: £70 plus parts

FullOn Service

Our FullOn service is a complete strip down and rebuild of your bike, ensuring it’s safe, shining and working like new! It includes everything in the RideOn and GeddOn services plus:

  • Bike stripped back to frame and cleaned 
  • Service or fit new bottom bracket 
  • Deep clean all drive chain components 
  • Refit all bolts to specified torque 
  • New inner cable  

Bike: £120
plus parts
E-bike: £130 plus parts

Specific Repairs

As well as our varying levels of services, we also offer specific repairs. Our costs do not include any parts that maybe needed to repair your bike. Please call us to discuss your requirements.

Tube Change£10
Brake Pad Change (Per End)£10
Brake Bleed (Per End)£25
Index Gears£20
Wheel Truing (Per Wheel)£15
Strip and Clean Rear Mech£40
Build and Check Bike (From Box)£30
Bosch Firmware Update£15
Some bikes may incur extra charges but we will always let you know before starting a service or repair.