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The Urban Arrow Family – Not Too Cool For School!

4 November 2021 by thstudio in All RideOn News

As we’ve announced in a previous blog post, we’re super excited to be partnering up with Dutch brand Urban Arrow to bring cargo bikes to the South-West!

Urban Arrow are a forward-thinking company.   They have advanced electric cargo bikes over the last decade considerably, taking the company from a niche brand to a serious player in the European market!

The very first Urban Arrow bike was the ‘Family’ which has since led the way for an entire cargo bike fleet for individuals and businesses. 

So, in its tenth anniversary year, let’s take a closer look at what’s made this family e-bike so special!

If the Family is slightly too big for your needs, then maybe consider a Shorty!  This compact giant is perfect for townie multi-taskers.  If you have places to go, things to do and stuff to buy, this bike has your name all over it!  With the lockable hood, it is ideal for both personal and professional use. It’s no wonder the Shorty has received critical acclaim by the cycling industry. It proudly carries the title Best Urban Bike. 

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