Why Hire an E-Bike from RIDEON in Cornwall?

Want to try one of our Super73’s? We don’t blame you. They give new life to old paths, encourage adventure, and give you the courage to tackle even the toughest trails.

Sea salt breeze in your hair? Check. Comfortable riding? Check. Endless possibilities? Check!


Imagine your next Cornish adventure on the back of a Super73. From our Penzance base, you have the whole of West Cornwall ahead of you, ready for you to explore whichever way you want. From Newquay, visit one of the town’s many golden beaches as you adventure along the rugged north Cornish coast.

You might want to start your day with a coffee in our Penzance e-bike takeaway coffee shop to charge your own batteries, or have the e-bike delivered to your door. You can try out one of our carefully crafted trails, designed for you by our Penzance e-biking team, or carve the countryside your own way with a map and a plan of your own. The build of the Super73 S2 Series means you can travel on or off-road, giving you the most flexibility for your days out.

If you fancy a trip along the north Cornwall coast, our friendly team in our Newquay shop are on hand to advise you on some of the best routes and hidden gems that Newquay the surrounding area has to offer. You’ll be surprised just how much you can explore on two wheels!

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